Giffre en Transition's Festival of Possibilities - 4th edition

74340 Samoëns


From 08/09 to 24/09/2023, daily.


Free of charge. Or free price.



Throughout September, Giffre en Transition will be hosting events and activities as part of the Fête des Possibles, which showcases all the citizen initiatives that are building a more sustainable, humane and caring society.

The Fête des Possibles will take place throughout the Giffre Mountains. Here is the programme of events taking place in Samoëns :

BIG SOLIDARITY SALE Entraide & Solidarité
→ Saturday 9 September at the Salle du Foyer from 10am to 5pm

OPEN DAY at a self-sufficient house building site, followed by a CONFERENCE on energy. With a shared buffet!
→ Sunday 10 September at the Ferme du Latay from 9am to 5pm / conference at 2pm

PICNIC with a MEETING with Gilles Claye, a mid-mountain guide who will talk about the upkeep of the valley's footpaths.
→ Wednesday 13 September in front of La Chapelle de Vallon d'en bas at 12 noon.
Bring a picnic, hiking boots and equipment.

THEATRE PLAY: "Cyrano SEUL! A one-man show with selected pieces and narration of this monument questioning our societies, who would Cyrano de Bergerac be today? Proposed by the Arodades association.
→ Friday 15 September at the Salle du Bois aux Dames at 8.30pm

CINÉ-CAUSERIE "Des Cailloux dans la Chaussure", an encouraging example of citizen mobilisation against a quarry project at the gateway to the Vercors.
→ Saturday 23 September at Arts & Vie at 8.30pm

RENCONTRES de la Saint-Michel: agriculture and food. Despite the cancellation of this year's Foire de la Saint-Michel, Giffre en Transition is offering an afternoon of meetings and discussions with local players in the agriculture and food sectors.
Followed by a welcome reception for Giffre en Transition.
→ Sunday 24 September at the Salle du Foyer from 2pm / drinks at 6.30pm

Every Friday, weather permitting, volunteers from the Pacte pour la Transition mobilité/Samoëns and their parents take children to school by bike.
→ Starting Friday 8 September at 8.05am from Fontaine des Vallons

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