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F'Estival les Pépites - The Buttshakers + Cosmos Fusion

Led by the bewitching voice and energy of Ciara Thompson, The Buttshakers deliver powerful hits imbued with soul, blues, funk and rhythm'n'blues music that turn their shows into furious dancefloors. Part 1: Cosmos Fusion

On their previous album, Sweet Rewards, The Buttshakers offered a soft light on the romantic side of soul. With Arcadia, they explore its conscious face. Dark and yet still luminous, Arcadia remains true to the spirit of soul : hope out of struggle, light out of fear; even when the cracks expose the darkest side of humanity, soul music has always given us the assurance that out of this chaos, a better day will come. A philosophy on which they built their discography and their stage presence; founding principles that the group has always been faithful to: to awaken the listener, to ignite the fire, to bring the dance.

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