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F'Estival les Pépites - Misaina + Alee + Massless

Find on the Pépites stage at the Base de loisirs the Misaina groups and their music mixing Latin sounds and reggae which they call Régatino, as well as Alee, his guitar, his voice and the raised fist. Springboard group: Massless.

MISAINA is above all text song.
It's a musical fusion built around Latin rhythms and reggae, Le Régatino.
Since then, it has been enriched by the diversity of world music: an ounce of Jazz, a pinch of Gypsy, accents of Soul, a fragrance of Maloya... But always the lightness of the words, the intensity of the violin , or vice versa.
The texts speak of life, love, the revolt of hope and the passions that drive us.
MISAINA, an intimately festive moment!

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