Des Livres... et moi ! : Authors and Illustrators

Espace Le Bois Aux Dames
Centre Sportif et culturel, 600 route du Lac aux Dames
74340 Samoëns


Friday 5 May 2023 between 4 pm and 6.30 pm.

Saturday 6 May 2023 between 10 am and 6.30 pm.

Sunday 7 May 2023 between 10 am and 6 pm.


Free of charge.


Programme du Festival

During the Festival, a dozen authors and illustrators of children's books will meet the schoolchildren of Samoëns but will also offer signing sessions, workshops and activities for children on the Place du Gros Tilleul.

The AUTHORS and ILLUSTRATORS present at the Festival:

Audrey Bischoff was born in Lyon before moving to a small village in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. She worked for a long time in social centres and MJCs and then became a librarian. Her first novel for young people, Les Mésanges, volume 1, "Abi", published by Rouergue, received the Axl Cendres prize in 2022. The second volume of Les Mésanges, "Lila", was published in January 2023.
→ Sunday 7 May

Benoît Charlat lives in Dunkirk. In 1992, a scientific degree (maths sup-maths spé) confirmed his taste for small drawings (at the back of the class). In 1994, he started working in advertising and at the same time developed a family background (birth of Philomène and Germain). His passion for nappies, tantrums, wee-wees, doodles and "I don't like broccoli" made him the happy author of "Zigotos". Since then, he has been an author for the very young!
→ Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May

Virginie was born in 1994 in Sallanches in Haute-Savoie. After studying applied arts in Chambéry, Virginie joined an animation film school in Angoulême in 2016. Today, she lives in Marignier (74) where she works as a children's illustrator while working on cartoon projects.
→ Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May

Mélanie is an illustrator from Chambéry who fell into the magic paint pot when she was little. She can draw just as well with coloured pencils, brushes, felt-tips or a graphic tablet, the main thing being that she has a piece of cheese and a cat to stroke at hand. Since 2011, with a degree in applied arts, she has been working with several children's publishing houses (Gründ, Fleurus, Larousse, Averbode, Haba, etc.). She also conducts graphic workshops and intervenes as an animator in a drawing school, Bassens Art Studio.
→ Sunday 7 May

David Gautier is an author, illustrator, graphic designer and animation film director. He grew up in Savoie, near Chambéry. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-arts in Lyon, the Ecole Supérieure de l'Image in Poitiers and the Ecole du films d'animation in Barcelona. Initially an animator and film director for audiovisual producers, he then turned to books for young people. In 2009, he created the publisher Boule de neige with his father François, in Chambéry, Savoie, where he lives and works.
→ Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May

After ten years as a translator for an international organisation, Anne-Lyse now devotes herself to her three children and to writing. Her first novel (Moule frite, published by Le crayon à roulettes) was published in September 2022. She loves mysteries, shadow puppets, quirky houses and treasure hunts. But what she likes best are stories that make sense.
→ Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May

Nicolas Julo was born in 1966 in Paris. After graduating from ESAG-Penninghen, he started working in illustration. He has lived near Chambéry in the middle of the mountains since 2001. He has worked extensively for the youth press. In publishing, he has illustrated many children's novels, mainly for Editions Rageot. He also works for the communication of companies and town halls.
From 2017 to 2021, with Muriel Zürcher on the script, he published a series of comics with Mosquito Editions entitled "Aventures en Chartreuse". The first volumes were produced in collaboration with the Chartreuse Regional Park, and the last one published "Le grand défi des Alpes" with the different parks and nature reserves of the French Alps. In 2019 he is publishing "Hector Krapahutt et le mont Inaccessibilis", an album of gags for which he is author and cartoonist, with Boule de neige.
→ Sunday 7 May

Romain Lubière trained at the École des Beaux Arts in Saint-Étienne. He has been an independent artist since 2007. Today, children's illustration represents the main part of his work, in collaboration with different publishers: Des ronds dans l'O, Balivernes, Cipango, La Marmite à mots, Yoyo Books, A2MIMO, Dyozol ... Since 2020 he is represented by the AdvocateArt agency for the development of his work outside of France.He works by combining traditional techniques (pencil, watercolour) and digital tools. Through his creations he often explores the same themes: the relationship between humans and nature, travel and dreaming.
→ Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May

Rémi Vidal is an author, actor, composer, dubber/voice-over, sound illustrator, musician. He is the author of Rock'n'Roll audiobooks for children and creates shows for young audiences. He has published 4 audiobooks with Trois Petits Points in the universe of "Joey and the Rex Pistols", as well as a project on the LUNII story boxes. He composes and arranges the music for the audiobooks, writes the lyrics, takes care of the narration and the studio recording. He also does illustrations.
→ Sunday 7 May

NoréKaku is a drawing teacher and self-published manga author, who has been active in the Faucigny province for about ten years. She will be happy to talk to you about her love of manga, drawing, the taste for effort and work well done! Her Seinen manga series entitled "The Rose and the Dragon" is in four volumes, on the theme of the Yakuzas. The script is by Haruna. Ages 15 and up.
→ Saturday 6 May

During the whole festival, meet the authors & illustrators at the bookshops and publishers' stand for a DEDICATION!

For more information, download the PROGRAMME of the Festival !

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