Criou Festival Blues Rock : NONO & SON + ROZEDALE + RED BEANS & PEPPER SAUCE + JS4

Espace Le Bois Aux Dames
Centre Sportif et culturel, 600 route du Lac aux Dames
74340 Samoëns


Saturday 1st of April 2023 at 8 pm.
Doors open at 19:30.


Full price: 20 €, Reduced price: 10 € (Children under 12 years of age).

For the 4th edition of the Criou Festival, the association "On s'accorde" has programmed a succession of 4 concerts with NONO & SON, ROZEDALE, RED BEANS & PEPPER SAUCE and the JACQUES SONNENT FORT. An evening of pure rock madness for sure!


Is it really necessary to introduce Nono, the greatest French guitar-hero, a legendary musician, co-founder of the band Trust in 1977, who had an unprecedented success with the song Antisocial?
Nono was also Johnny Hallyday's guitarist from 1986 to 1994, notably during the historic concerts at the Parc des Princes. In 2011, the artist released his first solo album, under the name : "Norbert Nono Krief".
Today, Nono has formed a new group, Nono & Sons, with his son David Sparte Krief.

Rosedale was born in 2016, from the meeting between singer Amandyn Roses and Charlie Fabert, long time guitarist of Fred Chapellier, Paul Cox, Janet Robin...
On October 11, 2016, they released a first 5 track EP "Before the storm" which sold out in only 3 weeks before its official release. The band then announced their debut album "Long way to Go" on May 26, 2017 on Dixiefrog Records / Borderline Blues.
A second album "Wide Awake" will be released on November 9, 2018 via DixieFrog and becomes blues album of the year.
2021: Rozedale's self-titled album.
Energetic and racy, it takes us into the tangle of our thoughts and hopes.
But nothing will ever be the same again... The S in Rosedale becomes Z for "zenitude" and this is the new attribute of the band!
The two accomplices Amandyn and Charlie are shaking things up: a new logo, a new album, a new look!
New self-titled album available on CD, vinyl and digital

Red Beans, the traditional dish of the American South, represents the legacy of the bluesmen. Pepper sauce is what we bring to it, what each generation inspired by the Blues brings to it. From the rock classics of LED ZEPPELIN or DEEPPURPLE to the new wave of GARY CLARKJR, RIVAL SONS or BLACK KEYS.RED BEANS & PEPPER SAUCE are part of this tradition of Classic Rock that plunges its roots deep into the Blues and this new album, "Mechanic Marmalade", which appreciates the heavy skids, brilliantly takes care of its bluesy fundamentals. An impeccable production where the guitar tones, reminiscent of Hendrix, Page or Bonamassa, brilliantly surround Jessyka Aké's powerful and sensual voice. It's hard-hitting, sexy, smells of bourbon and sweat, without forgetting that heavy "something" that vibrates under the bonnet and sounds like a call to hit the road. And as always with the southern combo, a funky zest comes to spice up this devilishly addictive home-made jam. Solid and energetic musicians to be seen on stage absolutely....

3 good old friends from the area, "les régionaux de l'étape", Tof (guitar and vocals), Rémy (bass, keyboards and vocals), Françoi (drums and vocals) who cover in their own way titles from the rock repertoire of the 70's to today.


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