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Criou Festival - Blues and Rock - 3rd edition

Vind de festival blues & rock versie in Samoëns met referenties Due Blues Français En International. In samenwerking met de vereniging "We Gaan Akkoord".

Thursday March 31, 2022:
The "On s'Accorde" association invites you to the opening night of the Criou Blues and Rock Festival, with an evening in rock and blues colours, with guitarists Pascal Vinier and Patrick Rondat

Friday April 1, 2022:
Mira Cetii in the first part followed by Ange.
Ange: The most timeless of French groups hits the road again to celebrate with dignity 50 years of a solar journey off the beaten track. The "dreaming machine" is once again in motion for a delirious journey through France and Europe. An inexhaustible pioneer on the playground of progressive rock, this living legend seduces, provokes and astonishes a loyal audience of all generations with his generosity and his atypical lyricism... Avant-garde, ANGE invents what many do not dare by embodying the audacity, the infectious joy in exploring the unknown...

Saturday April 2, 2022:
Amaury Faivre and Alpen'Rock followed by Laura Cox.
Laura Cox: Half French, half English, but 100% Rock'n'Roll!
Laura has been listening to Rock since birth, but it was as a teenager that she decided to start playing the guitar and devote most of her time to her new passion, while continuing her studies. She began taking lessons at 14 and the motivation being there, progress was quickly felt. A few years later, she decided to share her prowess with the whole world on Youtube, to collect the opinions of enthusiasts and set herself new challenges. Laura now has over 390,000 subscribers and 90 million views on her channel. The common denominator of these 10 titles? The immense talent of Laura Cox to compose and interpret explosive and heady songs from the first listen. Be ready to burn bright!

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