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Cabaret song with Amie V

Come discover Amie V in another way through this cabaret song. Singer-songwriter (Chanson française), she will make you spend a beautiful evening organized by the 45,8'' who concocted for you for the occasion a magnificent dinner.

L'Amie V plays with words and sounds, pieces of a reconstituted ensemble that touches languages and invites sharing.

Born of the symbiosis between music, theatre and poetry, his compositions abolish the boundaries of the genre. Classical or oriental, vocal jazz, opera-rock, hip-hop... So many influences tint his universe of singularity, far from a restrictive framework to express himself. Carried by a clear and vibrant voice, his texts question identity, dream of alchemy in a disfigured world.

Accompanied by Lina Belaïd on cello, guitar and flute, the singer-songwriter goes from vocal modulations to MAO productions. On stage, vocal arabesques, complicit improvisations, strings and electronic music mix and lead us to a fantasized elsewhere.

In 2018, L'Amie V released a first EP entitled Errances: «It’s the story of the street, of an encounter, a tear, of a sublimated evil from the earth to the azure.».

In 2019, she performs in the Hauts-de-France region where she grew up and in the Paris region, her second home port.

In 2020, it is directed by Pierrick Tardieu, programmed in the first part of Ben l'Oncle Soul and Tim Dup.

In 2021, she went into creative residencies and recorded several acoustic sessions in the studio.

She is currently working on an album alongside Olivier Vasseur (Full Rotor Bass Records) and preparing the next scenes.