All-terrain wheelchair outings

All-terrain wheelchair outings

with Samoens Handi-Glisse

An all-terrain wheelchair outing lies somewhere between mountain biking and quad bike riding. You can travel along all the paths on the mountainside, enjoying the sensation of speed and sharing descents with family or friends.

The association has several wheelchairs to suit different disabilities, including the Trieves with its handles and the Quadrix that can travel on skilifts in summer.

Since the Grand Massif skilifts are open in summer, we can now take the Quadrix across a wide area with magnificent views of Mont Blanc.

Want to enjoy something different? Why not spend a night in a mountain hut, watch a superb sunset over Mont Blanc and enjoy the descent in the all-terrain wheelchair on the following day. We can organise it for you.

Some of the descents include a 1,400 metre change in altitude.
The resort also has a beginners' all-terrain wheelchair path.

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All-terrain wheelchair outings

Association Samoens handiglisse
Les Vallons
74340 Samoëns


From 01/05 to 30/09, daily.

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