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A walk to the Edge of the World

The Cirque du Fer-à-Cheval needs no introduction and it's no wonder - this stunning setting is easy to reach and offers visitors an unforgettable experience!

Right from the start, on the car park, you'll see the waterfalls crashing down from the impressive rock faces of the Cirque du Fer-à-Cheval and the Corne du Chamois, a characteristic mountain peak that stretches above you to an elevation of 2,560 metres. Late spring, when the snow melts (May-June) is when you'll see the greatest number of waterfalls, in the Cirque itself but also in the valley that leads to the Edge of the World. A spectacle you'll never forget!

Itinerary: from the Cirque du Fer-à-Cheval car park, behind the toilet block, take the path that leads directly to the Cirque du Fer-à-Cheval viewpoint (toposcope). From there, follow the wide track on the left. Go past the restaurant and reception chalet and continue on the same track for a few minutes. An information panel indicates that you are entering the Sixt-Passy Nature Reserve, the largest nature reserve in Haute-Savoie.
Cross the first footbridge and continue on the tree-lined track. On your right you'll soon see the impressive foothills of the two highest summits of the massif: Pic de Tenneverge (2,989 metres) and Mont Ruan (3,040 metres). After crossing the Samosse footbridge, you can either go left, to return to the Fer-à-Cheval car park via the Giffrenant chalets, or continue on the Edge-of-the-World itinerary. You'll soon reach the Prazon café. The path is pleasant, virtually horizontal and there's water everywhere: on either side, waterfalls tumble down, forming streams which in turn feed the Giffre, the valley's main mountain river which takes its source here.
After crossing a succession of walkways you'll come to the "Fond de la Combe" (signpost). From there, follow the path (which becomes steeper) up to the far end of the valley, to the Edge of the World. When you get there, you can actually touch the cliff face, and admire the superb panoramic view of the valley that you've just followed!
Go back down the same path as far as the "Fond de la Combe" signpost. From there, cross the bridge and follow the path on the opposite bank. At the beginning of the season, you'll have to cross a few névés (patches of lingering snow) that still remain from the winter and spring avalanches that occur in succession in this steep-sided valley. You'll soon reach the main path, almost at the Samosse footbridge. (The other footbridge a little further upstream leads to the Prazon café.) Take the wide track that you took in the other direction, to get back to the Fer-à-Cheval car park.

WARNING, you are in the Sixt-Passy Nature Reserve:
In spring, until 30 June, dogs are not allowed beyond the reception chalet.
From 1 July, dogs are allowed as far as the Prazon café, provided they are kept on a lead.

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Camper vans are allowed to spend the day on the paying car park. Groups can be dropped off here but coaches must park at the Nambride reception point.

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