A sightseeing walk to the village of L’Etelley

Village de l'Etelley
74340 Samoëns


From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.

On demand.


Adult: from 6 €, Child (12-16 years): from 5 €.

Individual: tickets on sale at the Tourist Office
Groups: payment to the Society of Masons through the guide.

A sightseeing walk to the village of L’Etelley on the shady side of the Giffre Valley.

A sightseeing walk with a heritage guide. L'Etelley is a "village" at the foot of the shaded wide of the Giffre Valley. The difficult conditions and a number of devastating flash floods caused by the Verney stream have produced in the local people a sociability that dates from the Middle Ages and gives the "village" a very special character.

Complément d'informations

An easy walk lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Good shoes recommended.

For school groups, the visit takes the form of an exploration with a questionnaire to fill in on the way.



Société des maçons – Section des guides

06 10 74 70 44

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Office de tourisme de Samoëns

04 50 34 40 28

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