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A sightseeing walk to the village of L’Etelley

A sightseeing walk to the village of L’Etelley on the shady side of the Giffre Valley.

A sightseeing walk with a heritage guide. L'Etelley is a "village" at the foot of the shaded wide of the Giffre Valley. The difficult conditions and a number of devastating flash floods caused by the Verney stream have produced in the local people a sociability that dates from the Middle Ages and gives the "village" a very special character.

Complément de réservation

For adult or school groups, visits are possible every day all year round, in French, English or German, booking as far in advance as possible.

An easy walk lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Good shoes recommended.

For school groups, the visit takes the form of an exploration with a questionnaire to fill in on the way.

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